Monday, August 18, 2014

Effective Diet for weight loss

If you’ve ever tried a diet, you know that it’s very seldom a permanent solution to weight loss. Often it involves an extreme diet that is impossible to maintain for longer than a few weeks. If you see results, often they vanish after you’ve strayed from the strict diet you began. How frustrating!
Have you heard the term “weight loss resistant”? People who are “weight loss resistant” have tried everything to no avail. They start to feel depressed and defeated because they think there is something wrong with them. Well, there probably is. But it has nothing to do with willpower or determination.
Most “weight loss resistant” people don’t know that they have a medical issue that is stopping them from losing weight. Very rarely do doctors screen weight loss patients for food allergies, digestion efficacy, hormonal balance, thyroid function, brain chemistry, nutrient absorption or fasting blood sugar. Yet, these are essential building blocks to health. Without these vital components in place, a healthy weight will never be achieved.
The holistic medical doctor at Amita Holistic Healing Center will spend an hour getting to know you and your health history. She would runs complete diagnostics to get the objective data that unlocks the secret to balancing your body. Then, she explains it all to you clearly and discusses your care plan, considering your individual needs and goals. We find highly customized ways to help you shift your metabolism and find a healthy weight for your body by
  • Balancing your body’s hormones
  • Ensuring proper thyroid function
  • Creating a healthy digestive tract
  • Programming you to eat only food which is good for you
  • Identifying and eliminating foods that cause sensitivities or allergic reactions
  • Recommending health-supportive menus
  • Teaching you how to make good choices around food and alcohol when you’re out
If this sounds like the experience you’ve been looking for, it’s time to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Call 718-375-1144


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