Sunday, January 12, 2014

Integrative medicine at Amita

Getting the good vibes at Amita Holistic Center.
Did you know that every organ in your body vibrates with a certain frequency—which means that it emits waves—signals that can be measured and interpreted.  When your organs vibrate with the “right” frequency, they stay healthy and operate as they’re supposed to.  But stress, toxins and age can alter the frequencies—either decrease on increase it, causing organs to either underperform or overperform , which leads to health problems.  Luckily with new cutting edge tools, these vibrations can be measured and interpreted to a get a full-body holistic health picture.
Amita Healing Center in Brooklyn, NY, uses Orion Bioscan, a computer that can read the body’s biofeedback by reading and recording such vibrations—and then generate the picture of the body’s biological state.  The bioscan is done through a headphones censor or a band-like censor the patient wears on his head. It takes about 30 minutes to construct the entire body’s health picture.  When the scan is done, that health picture and problem areas are displayed on the screen.
If you visit a regular doctor complaining about chronic stomach aches, he’d send you for a battery of tests: a blood test, an ultrasound, a gastroscopy test, a colonoscopy and possibly even a CT scan (a series of X-rays) or a contrast scan for which you’d have to drink a mildly radioactive liquid to make your intestines glow brighter during the scan. Besides being time consuming, these tests are also expensive, beyond unpleasant and often unhealthy—the CT scans, and especially radioactive CT scans, are quite bad for your health.  But Amita’s bioscan is quick, painless and even relaxing.  And, unlike the traditional medicine tests, it generates an overview of the entire body, not just one specific area like abdomen. Getting that overall holistic picture of your body is important, because stomach aches may not be caused by any abdominal abnormalities, but by bad teeth, for example. 
But Orion Bioscan’s beauty doesn’t end there. Just like it measures the body’s status quo it can also measure the effect of medications, supplements or homeopathic remedies on the organs that require treatment.  When you place a pill in its probe, the computer can measure how that pill will affect your ailing organ and whether it will have side-effects on your other organs. It can tell whether your organs’ vibrations will get corrected, get worse or remain the same.  By going through a few “candidate” pills you can identify just the right one that your body needs.  So after an hour-long visit to Amita, you can go home with just the right remedy.
In a regular doctor’s office that would require 2-3 visits in addition to all those tests above.  And if the medicines prescribed didn’t work or caused side-effects, there’d be more visits, more medications and perhaps some repeated tests.  Because Orion Bioscan can measure the medications’ efficiency on the spot, the trial-and-error phase so widely used in traditional medicine (if pill number one didn’t work, we’ll move on to pill number two, then pill number three, and so on, while the patient may suffer from side effects and little benefits) is skipped entirely.  Orion Bioscan can also be configured to send the right kind of vibrations to the body to help restore the organs’ natural rhythm. Another technique Amita uses to restore the body’s vibrations is electrostimulation—using very light electrical currents to balance the organs’ vibrations.