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Structured water to improve your health

It was documented that using structured water can be beneficial for your health. Our holistic center is currently start using “AQUA VITAL”, which is a unique device developed by Russian scientists. It is used to make structural water.

The device has no analogues in the world.

The basis of the device integrates discoveries in quantum medicine, high-information technologies and thousand-year experience of Oriental medicine.

The device is designed to change water properties and produce water, which can be used for self-dependent recovery both at home and at medical institutions. The device has no contra-indications.

Developed and used algorithms and device techniques allow fully recovering energetic process inside human organism. The water conditioned with the device starts organism’s latent reserves both at single cell level and complete organism level, normalizing immunity and mobilizing its protective functions. Clinical trials have shown that for most people, who tested the new restructured water, there were observed cell activation, and cell metabolism improvement that resulted in increase of protective functions of organism.

The device uses the “golden section” principle and so called matrix whose medical effect on water were used as early as in Ancient Egypt.

The device uses unique water capability to accumulate, store and transfer a specific energy-and-information component. The water structured with Device “AQUA VITAL” makes positive effect during treatment of such diseases as: diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, urological and many others.

Device unique capabilities to change water structure resulted in possibility to use the water as source of youth.

It was discovered that there are 44,000 different formations so called “information boards” in one water cell. So water is a hierarchically structured medium, a bio-computer which store and re-transmit information. Water structured elements are remained intact during boiling, and at freezing the molecules are crystallized and became structured ice. Analysis has shown that human and animal baby’s cells contain specifically structured water. It has discovered that it exert powerful recovery influence: it removes toxins out of cells and slows down aging.

Why One Should Use Device “AQUA VITAL”

The problem is that at present days electromagnetic radiation intensity is rising from day to day due to man-caused factor. At that majority of different radiation accumulated together form extremely complicated chaotic structure, which adversely effect people. As a result, organism’s protective systems degrade and a physical pathology develops, which can be intensified by additional factors: irrational nutrition, low-activity life style, stresses, chemical and biological pollution of environment, etc.

Water structure is reflection of environment structure via spectrum and intensity distribution of electromagnetic radiation, gravitation, power or super-weak interactions. That is why we determined that our structured water is water which can stands destructive breaking impact of environment.

The device features with possibility to program water conditioning in accordance with disease character and directly improve the organism’s systems:

1. Cardiovascular System

2. Sympathetic Nervous System.

3. Musculoskeletal System.

4. Immune System.

5. Digestive System

6. Parasympathetic Nervous System.

7. Hematology System.

8. Urology System.

9. Breathing System.

0. Endocrine System.

Device “AQUA VITAL” is the only device that can change water condition harmoniously without changing water aggregate state and not applying significant efforts to modify environmental conditions.

During operation the device stimulates hydrogen peroxide decay, activates formation of oxygen active forms: hydroxyl radicals (OH*), super-oxide radicals (OH2*), hydroxide radical (OH2*) which are responsible for reductive-oxidative processes taking place in protein and non-protein structures. At the same time metal salt valent states are activated.


It is recommended to drink up to 2-2.5 liters a day not including water of tea, coffee and other drinks and food. It is desirable to drink the water in small portions. At exacerbation of such diseases as urological, increased blood pressure, different post-surgical states, quantity of consumed water should be reduced to 1-1.5 liters.

Up to 5 liters can be conditioned at time.

Water container should be transparent, plastic.

The water retains its medicinal properties during 24 hours then its properties are decreased. So it is recommended to drink newly conditioned water.

1. Using the structured water for weight loss

Using the structured water all toxic substances, carcinogens and waste are removed from organism. This effect is achieved due to reducing of surface tension force of water molecules that determines level of water assimilability by organism. The less surface tension force is the less energy is needed by organism to use it and the water easily reacts with adipose cell and removes unnecessary elements in normal way.

Structured water amount for weight loss should be no less than 2-2.5 liters per day. The water should be consumed in small portions during all day and up to 200 ml in 15-30 minutes before meal. Programs 5, 7, 8, 10 should be used to condition the water. For example: Use Program 5 at the first day, Program 7 at the second day, etc.

2. Using the structured water for diabetes treatment

Diabetes is an endocrine disease caused by secretion failure or by low biological activity of insulin. And one of the causes of the severe diseases is chronic dehydration and usage of bad water.

Children diabetes progresses in the same way as adult ones but at higher speed. All that starts with pancreas, which produced insulin at normal condition. This hormone has significant importance for regulation of water interchange inside cells. Therefore it is very important that your child drinks just water not its “substitutes”. Actually there are no any such substitutes. Even fruit juices, which are needed to be included into ration in order to supply vitamins, needs can not serve as water supply. Unfortunately in urban environment you cannot drink water from the tap, which is pure. Even bottled water accumulates so much unnecessary information during its extraction, purification, storage and transportation. Device “AQUA VITAL” removes this information and put into water memory harmonic information customized for specific organism system.

At diabetes you should start to drink the structured water from 1 liters per day and subsequently increase portion up to 2.5 liters.

You should use Program 10 to condition the water.

The structured water does not substitute medicines.

3. Using the structured water during pregnancy period

Water used by a woman during childbearing is a very important moment. She must refuse alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee but it is desirable to drink the structured water because it has the most physiological properties i.e. it is closer to natural water.

The structured water reduces qualm and vomit rate of future mothers and allows child to grow harmonically in mother womb.

You should use all programs starting with # 1 to condition the water.

The water can be consumed all day long without limits.

4. Using the structured water at cardiovascular diseases

The structured water maintains optimal blood viscosity diluting it and preventing blood from coagulation during circulation and settling of hard deposits at vascular walls and in such way preventing heart and brain arteries from plugging and reducing risk of heart attack and cerebral thrombosis!

You should start drinking the water from 1 liter per day and gradually increase portion to two liters per day. There can be limitation at increased arterial pressure.

You should use Program 1 to condition the water.

5. Using the structured water as common restorative and prophylactic

Human organism consists of 75% of water. They think that brain consists of 85% of water and is characterized by extraordinary sensitivity to dehydration. Brain is washed by salt spinal liquid. Therefore it is very important to maintain water-salt balance and it is better to do that with the structured water.

Normal adult needs to use 2-2.5 liters per day as minimum. At cell level water works as a binding agent. It binds cell hard parts, forming cell membrane, which protects cell from external influences. At dehydration membrane is reinforced by cholesterol that results in increase of cholesterol concentration and in all subsequent troubles.

You should use all programs starting with # 1 to condition the water.

At Amita Holistic Healing Center, we are glad to offer you this unique device incorporating many years’ work of Russian scientists. Come to Amita for complimentary sample of our special structured water prepared for your needs. Call at 718-375-1144 for appointment.

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